Friday, October 18, 2019

Getting to know me and our tea business

Ok, you have been reading and hopefully laughing at my little blog but you don't know who I am. Well here goes I have worked all my life as an electronics engineer and after 40 years I have realised is that I hate it.
Married to a wonderful lady for the past 6 years I started, about 12 months ago to get interested in tea so much so that I had to learn as much as I could about the subject, being from an engineering background I found myself experimenting with blends of tea and thought this would be a great way to make a living.
So I started Our Little Tea Company, yep we are small but have a passion to make great tea blending kits. The kits take some already blended teas and by changing the mixtures of the blends change the taste of the tea.
For example. Assam is a bold and strong tea but some people don't like this and find it bitter so by adding a little Ceylon and Keemun tea you end up with a strong tea with mild floral overtones.
This blending of teas personalises the tea you drink to your individual taste.
Well now you know what I am about I am not a large corporation just a humble tea merchant.

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