Thursday, October 10, 2019

Beware the online ordering of printed stock

Well I tried Banner Buzz the first job was fine no problems. the second job was a disaster I was designing flyers for the launch of my business but what I got is tiny bookmarks. Ok well I accept that I may have made a mistake but I still cant see how it changed from flyers to bookmarks. So I was going to take this as a lesson but I thought I would contact Banner Buzz to let them know that thing are not quite correct on their website and that they need to use the metric system in Australia, So I used the chat online customer service to someone named Phillip who was totally out of his depth and patronising which made me angry thus I am here to warn others if you use Banner Buzz double check everything and take a screenshot of what you ordered. If you want a free sample of the crap I got please send a message to me at and I will mail you what I got I have 500 of them. Cheers Graham Lewis.

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