Sunday, November 10, 2019

Top 8 Teas for weight loss and boosting your metabolism

Number 8 – Fruit based Herbal tea, all the great tastes of natural fruit without the sugar of the commercial drinks. Even better as an ice tea.
Number 7 – Pu’erh black tea, is aged fermented tea from China it has a very neutral flavour comes in leaf or cakes. Just a cup a day can lead to small sustained weight loss. In stock at Our Little Tea Company.
Number 6 – White tea, This is a tea with the least amount of processing, once pick it is dried quickly and does not oxidise like other teas. It may be a delicate tea but is high in antioxidants and boost metabolism that helps breaks down fat. In Stock as Blooming Flower balls from Our Little Tea Company.
Number 5–Rooibos tea, this is a caffeine free herbal tea grown in South Africa, studies have shown that this herb may assist to burn fat but human research is needed. But the tea has a very mellow colour and adds taste to your tea.
Number 4 – Mint tea, this is one of my favourite teas and is said to reduce food cravings but there is no medical evidence to back this claim. A cup of mint tea is better for your figure than that mint sweet you are craving.
Number 3 – Black Tea, Yes common black tea can help with weight loss a study has found people who drank 3 cups a day had less weight gain and smaller waist lines, but black tea has the highest caffeine. My favourite blend is a 50/50 mix of Assan and Ceylon teas which is in stock at Our Little Tea Company.
Number 2 – Oolong Tea, the tea variety sits between a black and green tea and promotes the body to produce heat from energy thus you burn more calories. A Japanese study has found that a couple of hours after drinking Oolong tea resting metabolism substantially increased burning more calories.
Number 1 – Green Tea, are you surprised green tea has always been the go to tea for health, metabolism and weight loss, green tea extract changes your fat metabolism genes when consumed over a long period of time. If consumed twice a day for 3 months a notable reduction in weight and waist line noticed.
But drinking tea alone is not the answer a good healthy diet helps, recently I was diagnosed with a potentially serious illness and after speaking to my specialist he recommended (more like demanded) me to lose weight.
So I made changes in my life, as I was time poor in the evening I swapped lunch with diner so my main meal was at lunch and a light meal at night. The result was that I lost 7 Kgs in 5 months, I cut out most of my sugar and eat only fresh meats and vegetables I feel so much better within myself and I look better too.
It is important to still treat yourself I still like to eat pizza and drink alcohol but not to excess, I love my tea I drink it at least twice a day or more if you would like to know more about my diet please contact me by email

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